Monday, November 18, 2013

Birchbox Review - November

So this is my 5th Birchbox and I still get a thrill every time I see that pink box in the mailbox.  The day I get my Ipsy bag is a pretty good day too.  What I love about Birchbox is the variety of brands they have and the number of product possibilities each month.  I don't think I've gotten 2 of anything in the same brand - other than the Miss Jessie stuff before I removed hair products from my profile.  For someone like me who adores trying different things this is a definite selling point.  This month's theme is "More Good" which is a little vague but seems to be about focusing on good products that give back.  I only got 5 samples but I think I'm going to get some use out of all of them so that makes it okay.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($34)
Years ago I used a Micro Dermabrasion kit from Mary Kay.  I loved how finely gritty it was and how my skin always looked so great afterwards.  However, I didn't love the price so once I used up one kit I never re-bought it.  This product reminds me of this but I think exfoliates even better.  Plus I love the price!  This came in a travel size tube and I will definitely be purchasing it.

Chella Highlighter Pencil  ($18)

This is a really creamy highlighter pen.  It blends in really well and provides just the right amount of natural highlight.  The lasting power isn't super great and I really haven't tried enough of this type of product to know how it compares to other highlight pencils.  If this didn't come in a full size pencil size it's pretty close.

Color Club Cocktail Hour Collection in Top Shelf ($8)
I've seen this brand around but have never had the chance to try it.  The color is the gorgeous neutral gold metallic.  It's very subtle and gives my nails just the right amount of shimmer without being to obvious GOLD.  I've had the color on for about 24 hours and it's holding up pretty good.  I'm really hard on nail polish so the fact I won't need to do touch ups tonight is pretty impressive.  It came in a cute little sample bottle - about the size of Essie or OPI gift pack bottles.  The consistency is very similar to Essie.

Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Bars in Orange-A-Go-Go ($6)

It's hard to go wrong with chocolate - especially if it's chocolate with orange.  This is a delicious bittersweet chocolate with little bits of orange.  Soooo good.  I've seen this brand at Target but never bought any but I'm thinking that will change.  This brand has lots of fun flavors like popcorn and honeycomb.

TOCCA Crema da Mano Luxe in Cleopatra

This is AMAZING.  I'm always forgetting to use hand cream but I've been using this one every night just because the scent is so pretty.  Cleopatra is a mix of cucumber and grapefruit and smells light and fresh and soothing all at once.  I would love to have this in a body lotion and a candle in this scent would be divine.  I'm not sure I'll purchase this myself but it will definitely go on my Christmas list.

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