Friday, November 1, 2013

Foodie Friday

Chef of the Month
I got 3 new Giada recipes in for this crazy last week of October.

On Monday night we had these Spiced Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Glaze with mashed potatoes.  The glaze was amazing but we all thought the red pepper was a little too much on the actual chops themselves.  The flavor overpowered the glaze.
Tuesday night we had a Chicken with Lemon Cream Sauce over Penne (though in our case it was elbow because that was what I had).  This one didn't go over well at all.  The lemon zest made it too lemon-y and over powered the cream sauce.  The zest gave it a baked good taste versus the desired main dish taste.  To make things worse, other than the lemon this dish really didn't have any flavor.  Emma and I couldn't eat it at all.  Ringo finished it and said it was okay but not something he'd love to have again.
We also had her Glazed Chocolate Chip Pound Cake.  This was a good moist super chocolatey loaf cake.   It would go great warmed up with a little vanilla ice cream.  It's a dark chocolate cake so it may be a little much for some kids or anyone who doesn't love dark chocolate.  The recipe makes 2 loaves so it'd be good for a crowd or to freeze one.

Pinterest and Other Recipes

For Halloween night I made these Mummy Hot Dogs from little smokies and crescent roll dough.  The Tornado was so excited about them he could barely stand it and actually tried one.  It gets a little confusing because instead of Mummy he says Mommy so when he talks about them today it takes me a minute to figure out what he's saying.

I also made this Cemetery Cookie Dessert which I discovered can be put together from start to finish in less than 8 minutes.  I made this last year and was informed that it is now a tradition so it does seem to go over well.  The main difference I make is that I use chocolate pudding instead of vanilla.

Finally, these Chocolate Kiss Cookies got made.  Instead of the Valentine's sprinkles I used Halloween sprinkles and pressed a candy eye down onto the kiss to give them a little spookiness.

This was about all that got made here this week.  The Tornado had a school party Wednesday night so dinner ended up basically being candy.  I'm going to do my best to do a little detox this coming week!  I'm sugared out which I didn't really think was possible.

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