Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

The Tornado was helping J with yard work this weekend which resulted in this cuteness.  His favorite thing to do is to steal J's coke then he giggles like mad when he gets caught.

Looks like Ringo may possibly have a job!  He has an interview today so we're keeping our fingers crossed.  He's really excited about it too which is fun to see.

I am finally caught up with How I Met Your Mother and almost caught up with Doctor Who.  I'm now watching New Girl and Lie to Me.  I'm loving Lie to Me.  I love how accurate they are on guessing the emotions.  It's like they have superpowers.  It gets kind of funny sometimes.  I have mixed feelings about New Girl.  I know I'm about the only person in the world who doesn't adore Zooey Deschanel but her character Jess annoys me more often the not.  But then every I've had it with Jess or Schmidt and decide I'm not watching this anymore Nick or Winston does something great and I keep watching.

Putting aside segments of time to play with the Tornado has worked out really great.  I've been able to really just play with him during that time and not feel guilty about not doing other things.  On the other side I've been able to get other things done without feeling guilty that I'm not playing with him because I know I will later.  I think next week I'm going to have to work on some alone play too.  I find myself having to fight with him constantly if I'm trying to get ready to go or cooking dinner or anything else where I have to focus on something else.  It's definitely a point of stress that needs to be worked on.

I have finally cleaned out my "Save for Later" folder on my feedly account and gotten everything pinned to proper pinboards.  There's like 800 (literally) posts that are waiting to be read.  I definitely don't need to wait as long to clean that folder out again.  Come to think of it I probably should unfollow a blog or two while I'm at it.  It's kind of a problem.

I've uncovered a fundamental issue on my own little happiness project.  One of the things that has made me the happiest is staying more on top of things.  I want to expand that out to figure out how to bridge the gap from all the ideas I come up with and them actually happening.  I always have a million ideas about different projects of things I want to do for different holidays but I very rarely make them happen.  For the next couple of weeks I think I'm going to try and work on that.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Tornado's birthday coming up I'm going to be busy.

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