Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Try-It Tuesday - Cleaning Bath Toys

This week I decided to clean the Tornado's bath toys using this process from We Love Being Moms!  Now his bath toys were repulsive.  Some were so moldy it was hard to tell what they had originally been.  I was pretty convinced this was going to be a lost cause and I'd end up tossing them.  Instead I got:
This perfectly clean sinkful of toys.  Including a sparkly clean Eeyore.  Eeyore had been buried at the bottom of the bath toys bucket and was by far the grossest.  I'd post a before picture but I'm pretty sure the CDC would show up at my house.  I very well may have been Ground Zero for the next plague outbreak.  It's also possible that I just sent some ground breaking bacteria down the drain.  I used the bleach method listed on the site and was a little afraid that the color of the toys would fade or be damaged.  Most of them came out looking exactly as before.  The only issue was on 3 character bath poof things the black faded to a brown.  Elmo and Cookie Monster now have brown eyes.  But the netting is completely clean and the rest of the toys are no longer dingy with ...whatever that was.  This was a little tedious but it was mostly because I had a huge quantity of toys so I had to do them in 2 batches.  I followed the bleach method directions exactly except I didn't even have to scrub mine.  Just soak, rinse and done.  I'm no longer horrified by bath toys.  It's kind of nice!
Source: We Love Being Moms! blog
Verdict: Keeper!  Simple and effective.  Hard to ask for more.

Next week the Tornado and I are going to attempt a TP Roll Turkey from Busy Bee Kids Crafts which came off my Ideas For the Little and Thanksgiving/Fall boards.  Given are aptitude for art I make no promises that it will actually resemble a turkey.

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