Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

 I'm desperately wanting this new cookbook from The Pioneer Woman.  I could get on the kindle for pretty cheap but I really hate cookbooks on the kindle so I'll have to cough up the $7 and get a copy in hardback.

I got a pair of black boots at a consignment store yesterday for $15!  They look brand new.  This is one more item I can cross off the "Things I'll have to suck it up and pay retail for" list.  There's still a few more things on the list but it's shrinking rapidly.

The Tornado, Ringo and I are going crazy with allergies right now.  Emma seems to have some kind of awful hacking cough which keeps making her lose her voice but she swears she feels fine.

I found a planner I bought at the beginning of the school year and haven't used at all and have been using it to keep track of my happiness resolutions.  Having something tangible has really been keeping me more focuses but I like that it's not a big complicated chart.  I've added a tidy up end of day routine and another 20 minute interval to play with the Tornado this week.  I want to start doing some holiday planning regularly so I can make sure all of those fun crafts and stuff actually get done instead of just hanging out on my Pinterest boards.

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