Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Things to Smile About - February Edition

I'm participating in the 10 Things to Smile About Linkup with Emmy Mom.  I love the idea of ending the month focusing on the positive especially as I have a tendency to get bogged down in To Do lists!  February was a great month and I can't believe it's over already!

1. That we're a surprisingly healthy group.  I've had a little cold the last couple of days and there's nothing like feeling bad to make you appreciate that you feel good most of the time!

2. That warm weather may be right around the corner!  It's been in the 60s the last couple of days and the daffodils and tulip plants are starting to appear.
I love when the yard looks like this!

3.  The Tornado is OBSESSED with Star Wars lately.  We read Star Wars books, play with Star Wars toys and watch the Star Wars movie over and over.  I'm not sure who is more excited about this - the Tornado or J.

4.  Neutrogena Light Sesame Formula Body Oil.  My skin is crazy dry during winter.  Between the dry (well for Alabama) air, the cranked up heat and the extra hot showers and baths I would happily scratch the skin off my legs.  However, when I actually read the directions on this and applied it to damp skin it absorbed right in and finally provided some relief!  Now I might be able to salvage my legs for shorts season.

5.  These two:
They'd probably both kill me if they saw these pictures but they're rarely still enough enough to get decent pictures and the pic on the right is just so Ringo being himself I couldn't resist.  The two of them are just so funny and quick witted.  Dinner generally takes forever because everyone is talking.   I'm sure at some point I'll want to throttle one or both of them but right now we've hit one of those sweet spots of parenting.

6.  We're going mattress shopping this weekend!  Our mattress is insanely awful to the point that if I lay in the wrong spot I end up feeling a little motion sick because of the slant.  I cannot WAIT to actually be able to sleep on a flat surface.

7.  The owls have taken up residence in some of our trees.  I love listening to them hoot back and forth.

8.  It's almost time to start seeds for the garden!  I have 2 raised beds this year and can't wait to get stuff started. Tomatoes are my favorite and I always love seeing the different varieties I can grow.  I also can't wait for cucumbers, squash, bell peppers and all the fresh herbs.  I'm thinking about trying tomatillos but I'm not sure if I have enough sun for them.  

9.  Valentine's Day ended up being wonderful.  I started the day in a cranky mood but we ended up having a nice dinner and then J and I actually sat and watched a movie together after I put the Tornado to bed.  It wasn't big and exciting but it was nice just to have the time to sit together and talk and watch the movie.  Need to work nights like that in more often.

10.  I can read without my contacts with my Kindle!  This may not seem like a big deal but my vision is really really bad.  Like so bad that if I'd been born 100 years ago I'd be considered blind.  My contact prescription is a -9.5 which essentially means that I cannot get a book close enough to my face to actually read it.  But if I put the Kindle on it's largest text setting I can read it!  Granted people in the space station can probably read it too.  This makes me feel way less helpless without contacts which means I will probably take contacts out occasionally at night which will make my eye doctor very happy.  Apparently sleeping in contacts for months at a time isn't what you're supposed to do.


  1. Wow you are blind! That is so awesome you can read without contacts in. I wear contacts too but I am only a -2.75. Your yard is so pretty, love the big trees, so dreamy. Definitely sounds like it is time for a new mattress! Thanks so much for linking up

    1. Yeah it's really bad! So far none of the kids' are anywhere close to as bad as mine thankfully. I'm hoping we actually have daffodils this year! Last year we had a freeze as soon as they bloomed and it killed them all off. This year they seem to be coming up at a more reasonable time of year so fingers crossed!

  2. I love the red flowers in your winter yard and I want to check out your Neutrogena body oil. Sounds just right for this time of year!