Monday, February 17, 2014

Birchbox Review - February

This month's Birchbox was partnered with US Weekly with a Red Carpet theme.  Not quite sure how I feel about this box.  I have marked on my profile that I don't want hair products and this is the 3rd month in a row I've gotten them plus this took up 2 items of my box.  Occasionally I don't mind and I've actually gotten some great stuff (amika dry shampoo and Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect) but I'm just not thrilled with them being such a large percentage of the box.  They're nice just not something I'm excited about.  So enough whining this is what I got:

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Ride 'em Cowgirl

Okay this is pretty fun.  Inside it looks like a clear polish with chunky gold glitter.  Outside it looks like a light red polish with more of a copper glitter.  Would definitely be great during the summer especially at the pool or beach.  It did chip pretty easily but I think a top coat would fix that up.  Size was a small nail polish bottle - a little bigger than the OPI minis.

Bain de Terre Passion Flower Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner
In terms of color preserving I don't really have an opinion but I was not impressed with this shampoo at all.  It smell nice but it didn't leave my hair feeling very clean and I ended up using a lot of product.  The conditioner is nice - very hydrating with a nice light fragrance but nothing particularly special.  I'm going to give the shampoo another try but right now I'm not impressed.  These came in nice sized travel bottles.

Joan Vass Leau de Amethyste
I love this perfume!  It's crisp without smelling like a lemon with touches of floral.  The lasting power is good without being overpowering.  This would be a wonderful everyday perfume.  I may splurge and spend some of my points on this!  This came in a larger than normal sample tube with a spray top.

Previse HydroMilk
So I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and used this on my face when I tried it.  The good news is that it worked great.  It didn't feel too heavy and didn't irritate my skin.  Tonight though I'm going to give it a try on my actual legs and see how it works there.  This is a nice thick creamy lotion with no scent and no greasy residue.  This came in a little cardboard package with enough product for maybe 2 uses.


  1. So fun to get new things to try! I just got a Voxbox of things I get to try :)

    1. The Voxboxes always look like so much fun! Can't wait to see your review of it!