Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday 5!

I'm linking up with Emmy Mom.  5 thoughts and 5 pictures from this week!

1.  We went to The Lego Movie Saturday and loved it.  The Tornado actually sat through the entire thing which I really wasn't expecting.  J and I identified a bit with the bad guy at the end.  It was a lot of fun now if only I could that song out of my head.

2.  Went thrifting Wednesday with some friends and had a great time and found some good stuff.  I found a white coat with big buttons unlike the regular white coat that I already own.  I adore coats and seem to attract them.  I also got Emma an "I Survived the 1985 Huntsville Freeze" tshirt that she's in love with.  She's a strange one.

3.  I just finished reading "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier.  How did I not know that the Hitchcock movie was based off a short story by the woman who wrote Rebecca???  The concept of the movie never seemed all the scary but the book?  Seriously creepy.

4. I'm not in love with the Postal Service right now.  My Ipsy bag which was supposed to be here on Tuesday seems to be stuck in either Birmingham or Eutaw (which I'm not even sure where that is).  I want my Ipsy bag!!!  Luckily Golden Tote (review Monday) was delivered by UPS so it showed up on Wednesday.

5.  I've been watching Numbers on Netflix lately and loving it.  I've adored Rob Morrow ever since his days in Northern Exposure and I'm loving him as an FBI agent.  J told me he has lost all respect for me as a TV viewer which doesn't suprise me.  What surprises me was that it was Numbers vs. The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars

This nightlight may put me over the edge to crazy owl lady instead of someone who just has a lot of owls.  At least that's what Emma says.


This happened over the weekend down the street from us.  It started with the clothes dryer.  Don't put stuff on top of yours or let it run when you're not around.  This is the 2nd house I've seen decimated for this reason.

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  1. Oh I totally have things on top of my dryer, not a ton but I do! I am definitely moving it right now. I have the Lego movie song in my mind at all times now it feels like, I did love the movie. Thanks so much for linking up