Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five!

Today I'm participating in a Link Up from Emmy Mom.  5 Thought and 5 Pictures from this past week!  I promise there will be much better pictures next week!

1.  Finally got a thrifting trip in and got some great stuff!  I found a warm cozy cardigan for $3 and found a similar one online from the same brand for $200.  Not a bad markdown!  Got some other great stuff and a sweater for Emma.

2.  The Tornado has become OBSESSED with Star Wars lately.  The slightly disturbing thing is that he seems to identify mostly with Darth Vader and the Emperor so I feel we may have gone wrong somewhere.  I'm not sure what cuter - the Tornado's excitement or J's excitement over how excited the Tornado is!

3.  I feel like I'm behind on everything this week.  From boring stuff like house cleaning and laundry all the way over to TV watching and reading.  My DVR is beyond full and the laundry piles are seriously stacking up.

4.  We had to buy Emma's AP Government textbook because the school doesn't provide them.  It's a serious pain to buy high school text books.  Amazon has a rental program but they wouldn't let me rent because all my cards expire before the rental period is over.  I ended up finding a used one for a little bit more but I've been so spoiled from all the Amazon Prime 1 click buying, 2 day shipping that it was kind of a shock.

5.  We're signing the Tornado up for a 5 day a week curriculum based pre-K for next year.  It will still be half days and I think he'll like being challenged a lot more than doing the same stuff next year that he's been doing this year but still!  5 days a week!

Modeling some thrift store clothes

Doing some reading
She's mad at me because I won't let her out at night when it's 20 degrees
He's being a Storm Trooper on a speeder.  We are all Star Wars all the time.

What happens when the Tornado gets the camera when I'm trying to put on his shoes.


  1. I went thrift store shopping this week too! I always seem to end up buying lots of kids books, but when they are 38 cents each it is hard not too :) That is so crazy the school didn't provide her text book! Obviously that is how it is in college but have never heard of that for high school. Thank you so much for linking up

  2. Thanks for doing the link up! Such fun! She's taking some kind of special class which is why we had to buy the textbook. It got explained but I kind of tuned out after "I need a textbook". I always forget to look at books at thrift stores! I know people who have found some great stuff. I'm a clothes person myself but I want to get a little braver in making over house stuff.