Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 Things to Smile About - January Edition

I"m a little late to the party but when I saw the link up on one of my favorite blogs, Emmy Mom, I thought it might be the perfect way to end the month on a positive note.

1.  Auburn making it to the BCS National Championship!  They didn't end up winning but after the last 2 years and then starting the season out completely unranked it was so exciting to watch.
(we'll ignore the fact that I still had Christmas decorations up on January 6th)

2. Taking the time to go to the really good children's museum here.  One of my New Year's Resolutions was to do some kind of outing each month.  In January we went to the museum and then to lunch at this hamburger place we'd never been too.  The museum was so much fun and the food was great.  A cheeseburger served between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches is pretty tasty.

3.  Getting some tasks that have nagging me taken care of.  I finally got the food storage in the garage, the big pantry and the Tornado's room organized and it is blissful to be able to easily put things up.  I also got Ringo's digital adapter for the cable set up.  Emma's still needs to be done but she hasn't cleaned her room enough for me to be able to get everything set up so I'm refusing to worry about it.

4.  Vintage Everyday - I started following this blog earlier this month and I've loved the wide assortment of old photos that have come up.

5.  This mug.  J got it for me for Christmas and it's absolutely the perfect size.  Plus it's an owl and since I'm embracing the whole Crazy Owl Lady thing it's perfect.  I'm thrilled every morning when I use it to make my coffee.

6.  Going thrifting with friends.  I've gone a few times this month with a few friends and it's been so much fun.  I love thrifting at all times but it's been fun to go and laugh.

7.  My Kindle Paperwhite.  Another Christmas present.  I've resisted e-readers for so long but I love this beyond words.  It doesn't quite replace a paper book but it's close and it's so convenient.

8.  Carla Hall's cookbook Cooking with Love.  Normally I can tell pretty quickly if I'm going to use a cookbook but this was one of the few where I had really low expectations and was proven totally and completely wrong.  Every recipe I've made hasn't been just good but amazing.  Even if you don't like The Chew this book is worth looking at.

9.  Cadbury Eggs are on sale almost 4 months ahead of time!!  I stockpile these wonderfully chocolately sweet eggs and about did cartwheels in Kroger when I turned the corner and saw the little display.  They are my absolute favorite candy.  I love both the original and the caramel.  Last year I made my supply last until June I'm hoping for even longer this year.

10.  I've been reading some really good books lately.  For the last couple of months almost every read was a disappointment but I've loved The Tyrant's Daughter by J.C. CarlesonQueen of Hearts by Colleen OakesThe Tastemakers by David Sax and pretty much every other book I've read this month.


  1. Oh I will have to add those books to my goodread want to read list. Love reading books. Thrift store shopping is definitely more fun with friends. I haven't been in a while, I need to go! Great job on the organizing! Thank you so much for your kind words and for linking up

    1. Thanks so much for the great link up! It's the perfect way to keep from focusing on the stresses which is so easy for me to do!