Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Try-It Tuesday - DIY Infinity Scarves

I love scarves but get annoyed sometimes messing with them but I never seem to be able to find infinity scarves on sale.  Then I stumbled on this way to turn a regular scarf into an infinity scarf.  I'm always a little leery of things like this because 1. I can't sew and 2. I'm not so talented at the crafty stuff.  Then I read the tutorial and had 2 thoughts.  The first one was "How on earth have I never thought of this?" and the second was "There's no possible way it can be that easy".  But I tried it and to my shock it was!

Here's the scarf:
Ignore the strategically placed clip art.  I missed a sock when I was sorting laundry.  Anyway perfectly normal scarf with tassels.

Here's it infinity-ed:
And here's the result:

Ta-da Infinity Scarf!  I was a little worried it'd be difficult to hide the ends but it really wasn't.  The tutorial shows the method for scarves with and without tassels

Source: Gimme Some Oven (though this is in the Gimme Some Style section)
Verdict: Definite Keeper!

Next week I'm going to attempt this method of getting rid of the hard water gunk around faucets from The Thrifty Home that I had pinned on my House Stuff board.

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