Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day!

My friends up North with laugh hysterically at this being called a snow day but in the south we don't get snow very much.  The last time I can remember we got snow that actually stuck to the ground was 3 years ago.  Before that maybe 2004?  I'm talking snow that accumulated as much as an inch. So all schools and lots of businesses are shut down - though before anyone laughs too hard it's because a majority of our roads are frozen chunks of ice not because of the inch of snow.

The biggest change since the last snow we had is the Tornado's reaction.  Emma and I still hate it, Ringo and J still don't mind it, Eleanor is a bit of both.  But the Tornado went from crying about it to so excited he couldn't wait to play with it!

No Pinterest try today.  Turns out we don't have hard water stains here.  I was remembering another house and another refrigerator.  Next week I'll try something fun but I haven't quite decided what quite yet!


  1. It is so crazy how many different parts of the country are getting snow. That sad face, poor baby :)

    1. He did not like it all that year! Though he was more mad about it than he looks in that picture. It's definitely crazy. All the schools and most of the businesses have shut down for tomorrow already. I'm hoping it ends up being a big nothing because it's grocery week and if I don't get to the store tomorrow dinner is going to be creative!