Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 33 Cupcakes - Whipped Vanilla Cupcakes

So after a couple of tastes I decided the Skinny Cupcakes just weren't for me.  This week I wanted to go for a sure thing and there is very little that's more of a sure thing than real sweetened whipped cream.

1. Source:  Spoonful of Flavor

2. Ease of Recipe (1 being cake mix/canned icing - 5 tons of steps and very time consuming):  3.  Not difficult but cream has to be whipped before adding to batter and then the frosting has to be whipped as well.

3. Changes Made: I discovered I didn't have cake flour because it's my mission to be out of at least 1 needed ingredient for ever recipe.  It's driving me nuts.  It has to stop.  Anyway, I sifted all purpose flour twice and used only 2 cups.  The texture may not be quite as light but it worked fine and the flavor is amazing.

4. Problems:  None except the frosting was so good it was impossible to keep from licking the bowl.

5.  Overall Impression:  These are little pieces of heaven in cupcake wrappers.  The cake is wonderful, butter-y and vanilla-y.  The flavor was reminiscent of a pound cake to me.  The frosting which is basically whipped cream came out beautifully when I followed her directions and I didn't have any graininess from the sugar like I've had problems with in the past.  Everyone loves them and they're not super sweet so they'd be great for nonsweet lovers.

6. Quantity:  22 -I always make mine a little too big.

7. Make Again?:  Yes!  They'd be fabulous for summer with fruit or maybe with a little glaze under the whipped cream.  They're great on their own but could also be really versatile.  One of my favorite cupcakes so far.


  1. Totally laughed at your mission to be out of 1 ingredient, totally sounds like something i would do!

  2. It's driving me nuts! Every time I make anything lately I discover at least one ingredient is missing. The good thing is I'm getting better at coming up with substitutions.