Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Week in Food

This week didn't exactly go as planned food-wise because of this:

Now this doesn't look like much to most people but in Alabama where we get snow that actually sticks to the ground maybe once every 3 years it's disastrous.  No one knows how to drive on ice because we never have too.  Roads don't get cleared because our entire county only has one truck that does snow related things.  Not to mention we're cold because most of us have heat pumps that don't do very well in below freezing temperatures.  Cold makes me cranky and lazy.

What We Did Manage to Eat -

Fajitas - this is one of my go to recipes when I'm in a crunch because they're so good and I always have the ingredients on hand.  I make the tortillas using this recipe from Mom on Timeout.  They're so good and simple to make.  They take a little more time but they're so worth it.   Plus I love that I control the thickness.

I did manage to make Italian Tomato and Pasta Soup from Nigella Kitchen.  After her last soup didn't turn out right I was a little concerned about this one.  I really shouldn't have been because it was wonderful.  The starch from the pasta did thicken the soup up beautifully and the flavor was great. I used my immersion blender in the pot instead of a vegetable mill to make the soup smooth but that was the only change.  Next time I think I will add a little more herbs just to spice it up a bit.  I served it with this Quick Sour Cream Cheese Bread which was also super good and perfect with the soup.

For Valentine's Day we had macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk shakes (the Tornado picked the menu) and I learned that cream is a very tasty substitute for milk and a little bit of water works great for thinning it out.  I think I'll be making milkshakes with cream from now on!


  1. Hope it warms up for you soon. That is so fun you let Tornado pick the menu, makes it special that way. I want milkshake now!

    1. The milkshake was so good! I don't even want to know the calorie count but it was worth it! It's warmer now! We were up in the 70s yesterday. It feels absolutely wonderful!