Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday 5! The Week I Bought too Many French Fries

It's Friday Five!  I'm participating in a linkup hosted by EmmyMom and cohosted this week by Jaime from Love, Jaime.  Pictures are not my strong suit so there's one old one that I rediscovered this week but otherwise here's my 5 Thoughts and 5 Pictures

1.  I'm finally joining this decade and upgrading to a smart phone!  J upgraded last year, Eleanor got one for graduation, Emma bought hers when she got her job and Ringo got one for his birthday but I always came up with a reason to put off buying one.  I finally bit the bullet yesterday and ordered an iPhone 5s which should be here today.  Now that I've gotten over feeling ill about spending all that money I can't wait! 

2.  I'm thinking Ringo is going to have a name change.  When I first started thinking about blogging Ringo really fit him but he's grown up a bit so he's going to have a Beatles upgrade and become Paul.  That seems to fit him a bit better.

3. I have to brag on Ipsy's customer service.  It's one of the 3 subscriptions I get regularly and I always love it.  Normally I get it 3 days from the day I get my shipping notice but this month I didn't.  The USPS and the DHL tracking didn't match up and nothing happened for days.  Finally this Monday I emailed Ipsy just to get the ball rolling on either a replacement or a new bag expecting to get told to give a few more days since it was only 6 days late.  Instead I got a reply on Tuesday that they were shipping out my new bag and then the shipping notice on Wednesday.  No questions, no discussions, just a sorry here's another one.  I now feel even better about recommending Ipsy to friends!

4.  Speaking of subscriptions I ordered a 3 month subscription to MyIreland a box full of (obviously) Irish stuff ranging from bath stuff, home decor, jewelry, gift items or just about anything else.  I cannot wait!  

5.  After last weekend and early this week being in the 50s/60s were back in the 30s.  I'm NOT loving this.  I'm okay with 50s because I can wear my sweaters and blazers but there's nothing I can do with temperatures in the 30s except be cold.  

Did I mention he's obsessed with Star Wars lately?

This is why you don't go to the grocery store hungry

So in love with this coat I can't even describe it.  Yay thrifting!

This is actually a picture of Emma from last year before homecoming but I just rediscovered it when I was looking for frameable pics.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! And now I really want curly fries! Love love curly fries. That coat is so cute! I love thrifting for books and kids clothes I just have the hardest time getting into for myself, though I love places like Ross... so I don't know what my deal is with me and clothes at thrift stores. Hey are you interested in co-hosting one of these weeks? Would love for you to.

    1. Thanks! I thought this was a good picture of her. It took me awhile to make the jump to thrifting for clothes for me but once I did I never looked back. I think I have more Ann Taylor now than I did when I was working and shopping in the actual store regularly. The curly fries are so good! Just like Arby's. I'd love to cohost! I'll email you later in the week.