Monday, February 10, 2014

My Wish List: Subscription Box Edition

No boxes yet this month.  GoldenTote is procession and Birchbox shipped on Thursday.  While I'm trying not to get too impatient I'm looking at all the box possibilities there are out there.  There are so many subscription boxes that cover pretty much ever topic you can think of.  Here's my list starting at I'll probably weaken and get this at some point all the way to Maybe if I win the lottery.

1.   Kiwi Crate - this was actually the first subscription box I ever heard about.  I love that it includes all the supplies you need for a particular project.  I think the Tornado would absolutely love it especially now that he's getting old enough to do the projects.  Also, love that there are special boxes themed around holidays or particular subjects.

2.  Stitch Fix - for a $20 styling fee someone picks out clothes based on your measurements and style profile.  If you buy something the styling fee is subtracted from the total and if you keep the whole box there's a discount.  I love other people's Stitch Fix posts and am so tempted to subscribe.

3.  GoldenTote - I've gotten their $49 bag and have ordered another one but the $149 bag intrigues me.  You get to pick 2 items and then get at least 4 more with at least a $600 value.  If I love this month I may splurge and get this next month depending on the selections.

4.  My Ireland Box - There are 2 sizes of boxes full of goodies from Ireland.  I drool over this box when I see reviews of it anywhere.  The mini is $24.32/month and the regular is 41.70.  This box covers everything you could think of - jewelry, beauty products, house stuff, you name it.

5.   Box of Happies - This is around $28/month and you get 3 to 4 items from "talented artisans"  I've seen things like soap, jewelry, mugs, coasters, you name it.

6 & 7.  Two different Fancy boxes.  The first is one put together by chef Tyler Florence and is full of kitchen gadgets and food he loves.  The second it the regular Fancy Food Box which looks full of different gourmet foods ranging from sweets to pastas to spice mixes.  Both look like they'd be a lot of fun to get but the price of $39/month is a little steep for my tastes at the moment.

There are so many great and interesting subscription boxes out there that I'm sure I forgot some but these are the few that I always enjoy reading the reviews for and keep getting tempted to order.   I've been seeing a lot of regional boxes lately that look intriguing so I'm sure I'll be adding a few of those to my list soon!

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