Monday, October 14, 2013

Birchbox Review - October

My October Birchbox arrived on Thursday much to my delight.  This month's theme was Beauty Buzz and I was very pleased with everything I got.

Miss Jessie's Original Creme de la Creme Conditioner
This was really the only item that I didn't love but luckily I know someone who will use it so I'm swapping my conditioner for her lipgloss that she doesn't really like.  This came in a pretty generous sized foil packet.  For people with normal hair it'd probably be enough for at least 2 applications.  For my obscenely thick hair it'd be 1 generous application.

Folle de Joie eau de parfum
I love this perfume.  The mix of the really fresh mandarin and the warm sandlewood is amazing.  It's a fallish scent without being typical.  I may buy this once I have enough birchbox points.  It came in a little glass vial with a spray top.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Muslin Cloth
When I first read the directions for this I was concerned that I would never remember to use it.  You rub it onto dry skin then use the cloth in a circular pattern to remove the cleanser and then rinse it off.  However, because you start with dry skin I can use this while I'm waiting for the shower water to get to the correct temperature and then rinse it off in the shower once I get in.  It seems to work really well.  I've had some really tiny zits appear since I started using it but they seem more like stuff unclogging than a breakout.  This cleanser has apparently won tons of awards both in the UK where the company is based and in the US.  This came in a really pretty Tiffany blue box which held one cloth a travel sized tube of cleanser.  It's actually not too expensive so I might end up buying this.

POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer in Floating Rose
This is a really pretty sheer rosy color.  I don't find the texture too goopy and it doesn't make my lips tingle at all.  The staying power isn't great but not any worse than most other lipglosses and since I'll have 2 of these I'm not too worried about it.  It has a very slight minty scent but nothing overwhelming and no taste.  This came in what appears to be a full sized tube.  If it isn't full size it's pretty close.

ChapStick 8 Hour Hydration Lock
I was underwhelmed when I first saw this ChapStick.  I mean it's ChapStick - hard to get very excited about.  Plus most of their intense formulas have given my lips an unpleasant burning sensation.  However, after 3 weeks of a cold and heavy use of both cold medicine and benadryl my lips were super parched.  When I tried this the underwhelmed feeling went away.  This stuff is amazing!  With 1 use my super dry lips went back to normal.  The formula just kind of absorbs and disappears.  There's no waxy or heavy feeling and no burning sensation.  It's very lightly vanilla scented and has no flavor.  I will definitely be buying this - especially since birchbox was kind enough to include a $1 off coupon.

So after 4 boxes I'm still loving Birchbox though I have made some changed to my profile.  My 2nd Ipsy bag should be arriving this week and I'm really excited to see what it contains especially since the first 1 was so great!

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