Friday, October 18, 2013

Foodie Friday

Chef of the Month:
The second week of Giada De Laurentiis month was pretty tasty.
First up was Chicken Piccata from Everyday Italian.  This was a good chicken piccata recipe.  I left out the capers because we really hadn't enjoyed them in a previous dish.  This will probably be my go to piccata recipe from now on.
Along with that I served Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan and Bread Crumbs from Giada's Family Dinners.  This mashed potato recipe was full of cheese and butter and involved baking it after the potatoes are mashed.  This is really my favorite way to make mashed potatoes because they're easy to make ahead this way and the baking kind of breaks down any lumps making them close to fool proof.  However, I didn't think this was as interesting as my go to mashed potatoes recipes from the Pioneer Woman.  I probably won't make this again.
Third was a quick and easy dinner I made for the Tornado, Emma and myself.  Cheese Tortellini in Light Broth probably shouldn't be considered a recipe because it's so easy and fast to make but it was delicious!  Even the Tornado eats his and he's mostly on an all sugar diet at this point.  This one is also from Everyday Italian.  I will definitely be making this again.  So for this week I got 2 new recipes to add to my standard rotation and 1 recipe that was ok but not award winning for me.  Not a bad week!

Pinterest Recipes

These Ooey Gooey Monster Eye Cookies were amazing!  For starters they were easy to make.  They were also very tasty.  And what made them even better is they came out looking exactly like they were supposed too!  Decorating is not my thing when it comes to food but even I could use some food coloring on the dough and add the monster eye.  I had picked up a box of the blood shot eyes candy the other day and they looked so good on the cookies.  I wedged them in a little so they weren't perfectly centered on the middle and they looked nice and moster-y!  The Tornado loved them.  They will definitely be being made again.

I was beyond excited when I saw these Copycat Arby's Beef n' Cheddars from Oh Sweet Basil.  These are my absolute favorite fast food sandwich and we don't get to Arby's very often.  I was a little concerned when making them because I didn't see how this recipe could taste just like my beloved sandwich.  But they did!  If anything they tasted better because they weren't as greasy and heavy.  I'm not sure how much everyone else loved this sandwich but this is one of the few I don't care because mine was so good I'll be making it again.  The good thing with this is that it could be easily adjusted to just make 1 sandwich.  The full recipe really only gave me enough for 3 Arby's sized sandwiches and 1 really small sandwich.

I also made Parmesan Oven Fries from Southern Plate.  I really wanted to like these because I like pretty much everything that comes from Southern Plate and these are very good but Bobby Flay's oven fry method is just so much more efficient that I got frustrated with making them.

With dinner one night I made this Challah bread from Everyday Reading.  The flavor was very good but I couldn't get it to rise completely.  I don't know if my water temp was off or if I over-mixed but after 2 hours the dough definitely hadn't doubled in size.  This was simple enough and the flavor was good enough that it's worth making again to see if I can figure out what happened.  It doesn't hurt that the end result was still pretty tasty, especially when warm and served with some Irish butter to spread on top!
That's all the cooking I did this week!  Next week is grocery store week so I'll be making a new menu plan and trying some new things.  I have a feeling those monster eye cookies will be showing up again!  I've got 3 or 4 more Giada recipes already lined up too!

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