Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

I've been reading The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster lately which I stumbled upon at the library.  She's mentioned The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin a few times which I also just read and took lots of notes on.  Between these 2 lifestyle projects I'm getting a bit overwhelmed.  Finally I decided if I'm going to copy them with my own happiness project than I'm actually going to have to copy them.  That means instead of implementing every idea they come up with and trying everything they mention all all at once I'm going to have to be a bit more systematic about the whole thing.  Anything that involves making notes is good with me.  Overwhelmed feeling diminishing already.

The other night J and I stood on our back deck and listened to 2 hoot owls talk back and forth.  It was really amazing.  It also gave me the stamp of approval to buy all the owl stuff I wanted instead of restraining myself.  When I mentioned this to Emma she was slightly horrified.  Apparently she wasn't aware I was restraining myself in the first place.

I caved and bought myself a pair of flannel pajamas with the classic button up flannel shirt.  Lily wears them on How I Met Your Mother and I think they look so cute.  They had some covered in owls from Target so I figured that was a sign.  I'm thinking of going back tomorrow and buying another pair.  They are comfy!

It's finally getting cold enough to wear the hundreds of  sweaters I have!  I also need to get around to sorting through the piles of dry clean only stuff I have and actually take them to a dry cleaner.  I'm kind of embarrassingly lazy about the whole thing.

One of the big thrift stores was having a 50% off sale Saturday so Emma and I went.  I completely struck out which almost never happens.  They had the largest collection of ugly sweaters I've ever seen and very little else.  I wasn't aware how many ugly sweaters actually existed until Saturday and I have visited a lot of thrift stores.  Emma did a little better and got a couple of things including the cutest black sweater with white rabbits all over it.  I'm doing some major thrifting tomorrow while the Tornado is at school so I'm hoping I do better then.

Ringo and Emma have a competition in Nashville Saturday and I'm debating whether I'm going to go and drag the Torndao with me.  There's a cupcake place, a LUSH store and unexplored thrift stores that I want to visit but I'd also be toting around the Tornado and making sure I actually see them play so I don't know.

The Tornado has discovered lemonade and is obsessed.  I never would've picked him as a lemonade lover as sweet seems to be his main focus.  He had some at J's company barbecue and has been asking for it ever since.  I bought some mix at the grocery store yesterday and he is in heaven.  The next step it to actually MAKE the lemonade.  I have at least 9 recipes for it so it shouldn't be too hard!

I've managed to keep workouts in my daily schedule!  I even did an hour long ballet workout yesterday while the Tornado was at school.  Days where he doesn't have school I at least manage to get a short Blogilates video in.  It's not the full hour she recommends but I figure a little is better than nothing.

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