Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 13 Cupcakes - Creamsicle Cupcakes

A few months ago I was stocking up on sprinkles at HomeGoods and purchased a multipack of dessert flavored sprinkles.  One of those flavors was Creamsicle.  While we were waiting in line to check out J said "You should make some creamsicle flavored cupcakes".  An embarrassing number of months later this is my first attempt.  I added a pastry cream filling but I don't really feel it added anything so I'm leaving it out.

1. Source:  My Baking Addiction blog - I follow this blog but I'm not sure how much I use it

2. Ease of Recipe (1 being cake mix/canned icing - 5 tons of steps and very time consuming): 2.5.  This came together easily

3. Changes Made: I added a pastry cream filling but it added very little so I'm just pretending that didn't happen.

4. Problems:  None and it smelled amazing with all the orange zest

5.  Overall Impression:  The flavor of this cake is amazing and its probably the best cream cheese frosting I've ever made.  It's light and tangy without tasting like licking a block of cream cheese.  The cake texture is a bit dry so I might add a little more moisture next time because the flavor combination is incredible.

6. Quantity:  12

7. Make Again?:  Probably but I would look at how to make the cake lighter or more moist in the future.

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