Monday, October 21, 2013

Ipsy GlamBag Review - October

I absolutely loved my first Ipsy GlamBag and was anxiously waiting for the second one to arrive.  The second bag didn't disappoint!  I think my profile is right on target too because of all the different bags I've seen this month these are definitely the items I'd want.  The theme this month was the Art of Beauty.  I'm also really thrilled that Ipsy has added a points for review system like Birchbox has.  Ipsy offers rewards that you can redeem when you collect enough points instead of money off a purchase since they don't actually sell the items in the bag.

This month's bag is white with a rose colored zipper and rose colored writing that says Love Of Beauty is Taste,  The Creation of Beauty is Art.  I liked last month's bag a little better but this will still work great for getting all of my makeup organized.

Zoya Nailpolish in Giovanna - This was a full sized product and part of Zoya's Fall Cashmeres and Satins Collection.  Giovanna is a very shimmery gorgeous emerald green color.  It's a very bold color and while I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone a little with my nail polishes this is so far out of my comfort zone that its a little shocking.  I've had it on my toes for a few days and its definitely growing on me though.  The formula went on really nicely and covered completely in 2 coats.  I like Essie's formula a little bit better so I probably won't buy any of this brand in the future but I definitely won't be disappointed if another nail polish by them shows up in a subscription box.

LA Fresh Eco Beauty Cleanser Wipes - This came in a little sealed packet containing 10 wipes.  I haven't tried this yet because it's so perfect for travel that I want to hold on to until I go somewhere.  The reviews for this are really great though. 

Buxom Full On Lip Polish in Dolly - I was very surprised when I saw that this wasn't a full size because the sample size is HUGE.  It's about the same size as most of my MAC LipGlass.  I was a little apprehensive about the color because it looks like a very cool toned light purple but it looked more of a neutral pink when it was on.  This is a plumping formula so there is some mint tingle to it when first applied.  The first time I tried it on the tingling was pretty intense but that has faded with subsequent uses.  I normally don't like the tingling feeling but this was nice and minty feeling instead of burning so I didn't mind this one.  The staying power is pretty good for a gloss.  It won't stay on through a meal but it will stay on for a couple of hours.  It also looks really good over a dark rose lipliner.  

Nourish Organic Deeply Nourishing Coconut and Argan Body Lotion - This came in a travel sized tube.  The scent is amazing.  It's a lovely coconut scent without being to strong or sweet.  The texture is nice - it's thin enough to squeeze out easily but thick enough to be moisturizing.  I was very pleased to see that Target sells this brand.  I'll definitely be picking up more of this brand.

BigSexyHair Blow Dry Gel - This came in a decent travel size bottle.  I don't love the packaging because I have a feeling it's going to be difficult to get to the product at the bottom.  It looks like the full size comes in a similar bottle though.  Yesterday I washed my hair and brushed my usual prep/leave in conditioner spray through it.  After that I flipped my hair upside down and rubbed about a nickle size of the product through the roots and sides.  Then I blow dryed it sometimes when my hair flipped up and when all the bending over made me a little light headed, standing up like a normal person.  I was really pleased with the result.  My roots had a nice lift and it didn't leave any sticky or greasy residue.  This is a pretty easy brand to find so I will most likely be buying this!

So once again I was thrilled with my Ipsy GlamBag!  I like that it and Birchbox don't really seem to overlap so I really love having both the subscriptions.  Plus, its like having two Christmases every month!

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