Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

1. J and I took the Tornado to the zoo yesterday.  He had a fantastic time and we rode the train twice.  It was by far his favorite part.  They've changed it up with all the remodeling so you really can't see very many animals while riding it but he spent most of the time watching the couplings between the cars so it didn't really matter.  It was challenging to get a decent picture of him because 1. he never stops moving ever and 2. some things qualify as serious fun and he doesn't smile.  I have about a million pictures where he has the most solemn look on his face as he's riding the train or looking at various animals.  This picture was the closest I got to a smile.

2.  We're close to the finish line with the forehead bandaid.  The surgical strips are off the wound and it's healing up nicely.  It'll be nice to see him without the big swath of bandaid across his face.

3.  Speaking of finish lines I think my cold may finally be going away.  I'm part way through week 3 and now I feel fine I'm just sniffling and hacking like a walrus with asthma.  But finally even that is starting to get better!

4.  I got an issue of Cosmopolitan in the mail the other day.  It was addressed to me and didn't look like a sample or a mis-mailing.  I went to their website to look at the account to cancel it because obviously it was a mistake and I figured it'd be easier to cancel it without paying for it the quicker I got on it.  I was seriously surprised when my account is listed as paid up until September of 2015.  I'm very confused.  All the people I know who would sign me up for a magazine would sign me up for something food related and most likely they would tell me about it.  It's been awhile since I've read a Cosmo though so it should be entertaining!

5.  Emma managed to sleep through all her alarms yesterday.  The problem with this is she rides to school with a friend and is normally gone before J and I are up.  Yesterday we assumed she was gone and left for the zoo without checking on her.  When we were an hour away from home I got a text saying "Umm so I just woke up."  She had no idea how she did it - she slept through 3 alarms and 2 phone calls from the friend asking where she was.  I figure if she was sleeping that heavily she probably needed it.  Also, there was no way I was going to tell the Tornado that we weren't going to the zoo after all.  We kept going and she spent the day cleaning her room.  We also gave Ringo a free sick day.  They're both working pretty hard with their course loads, band and with Emma's job so I'm not too worried about it.

6.  I'm craving a thrift store trip but it looks like I'll have to put it off for at least a week.  The Tornado is on fall break this week and shopping with him isn't the most relaxing.

7.  I made this recipe for Naan bread and it was crazy good.  I had to change up the recipe a little because I forgot to read the recipe completely and didn't realize that it actually had 2 risings.  I ended up letting it rise once for about 45 minutes and the second time for maybe 15.  I didn't roll it out as thin and ended up pretty much frying the bread in olive oil.  I'm not sure there's much better than fried bread.  The light garlic flavor was unexpected and incredible and would still be there if you made the recipe the way it was actually supposed to be.  I'll probably make it again and follow the proper directions but I'm not sure if I don't like my shortcut method better!

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