Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Try-It Tuesday

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. It's definitely my number 1 time killer.  If I'm sitting on the couch watching TV it's pretty safe to assume that I'm scrolling through Pinterest on my Kindle.  First thing in the morning when I'm drinking my coffee I'm sitting with my Kindle scrolling through all the blogs I follow and tagging the posts that interest me to pin later.  As of now I have 45 boards and over 6,000 pins.  Some of those pins are pictures of things I like or place I want to see and a decent amount are outfit ideas.  Most are recipes or some kind of DIY project.  I do use recipes for dinner pretty well but there are tons and tons of categories that get pinned regularly but don't get tried out.  Hence, Try-It Tuesday!  The plan for Tuesdays is to show 1 pin I completed and 1 pin I want to attempt in the next week.

The first completed pin is Homemade Fabric Softener from my House Stuff board.  Awhile back I got some shampoo and conditioner for almost nothing.  The downside was the conditioner was awful.  I mean so awful it was useless.  So what do you do when you have 6 bottles of useless conditioner?  You put ways to use up conditioner in the search bar in Pinterest and see what you come up with.  This homemade fabric softener was the first thing I came across and it works great!  It's a simple combination of hot water, heated vinegar and conditioner and then used just like regular fabric softener.  While the clothes really don't have a scent when they come out of the dryer they are definitely softer and less static-y.  I think this fabric softener actually works better than commercial fabric softener and it's WAY cheaper.  It also almost eliminates the need for dryer sheets.  I've started keeping 2 or 3 golf size balls of foil in the dryer and haven't used dryer sheets for months.
Pin: Homemade Fabric Softener
Source: One Good Thing by Jillee
Verdict: Keeper!

For next Tuesday I'm visiting my Snacks for Me board.  I pinned this recipe for Sweet Corn and Quinoa with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette back in April and haven't gotten around to trying it yet.

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