Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Wrap Up


February's outing took us to the movies.  We took the Tornado to see his very first movie and he's in love with the whole thing.  He loved the movie (we saw The Lego Movie), he loved the coke and M&Ms, he loved sitting in the big chairs and he can't wait to go again.  We may end up going to see The Lego Movie again Paul (formerly Ringo) works at McDonald's and they're giving away Lego cups in their Happy Meals so every time we drop him off the Tornado is reminded about the movie.  We're getting quite the collection of cups as well.  After the movie was a comedy of errors involving about 6 trips back and forth to get 2 people to their respective jobs.  By the time we got the big people taken care of, the Mexican restaurant we had planned on eating at was jammed.  Instead, we ended up at a hibachi style Japanese restaurant and it was absolutely perfect.  The Tornado loved it and keeps wanting to go eat dinner at the "silly place".

Chef of the Month:

This month I chose Nigella Lawson since I own most of her cookbooks.  I absolutely adore Nigella but this month I found myself getting a little uninspired.  The majority of the food was very good but there wasn't anything that everyone just absolutely loved.  I'm taking a chef break for the month of March and am going to be focusing on food bloggers.  I have a few cookbooks - some written by some of my favorite bloggers and others that are new to me.  I'll probably be visiting my Dinner Ideas board more on Pinterest too.  It's been neglected lately.


Pinterest is one of those things that I can't imagine how I ran my life without it.  My favorite pins this month were:

I loved this shirt when I saw it Nikki wearing it on The Bachelor.  Thanks to the Possessionista I now know where to buy it.

These Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Picky Palate pretty much incorporate all my favorite flavors into one cookie.  Plus, the Picky Palate is where I found the recipe for my very favorite Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies so I have high hopes.

Also, this ab workout from Blogilates is one of my favorites of hers right now.  Killer but effective without being too impossible.


My February Birchbox (review here) wasn't a home run for me but I did get an amazing perfume.  I will most likely be buying the Joan Vass 'Leau de Amythyste.  

I loved all 3 pieces I got in my Golden Tote but I'll probably get the most use of the wrap sweater.  I also absolutely love how the scarf looks with white.  I love the dress but it's going to be a bit trickier.

As for Ipsy, I can't say what I like best out of my bag because I haven't actually gotten it yet.  I can, however, brag on Ipsy's customer service.  I emailed when the bag was 6 days late expecting to be told to give it a few more days. Instead I got an immediate "We'll send you a new one" and the shippng notice less than 24 hours later.  I loved Ipsy before but that definitely caused my opinion to raise a few points.

House Stuff and Looking Forward:

This month seemed to be about tackling the decorating trouble areas.  We were having issues trying to figure out what to put on end tables now that we can have stuff on the end tables again.  Everything I put on there ended up looking like a pile 'o stuff and it drove me crazy.  I finally got those under control and we tackled this weird narrow wall in our bathroom and put shelves up and decorated them.  I'm very happy.  I think I'm going to have to focus on cleaning in March though I'd really like to work on redoing the dining room.

I'd like to pull out the pasta maker and figure that out which would get one thing crossed off my New Year's goals list. I'll be spending some time in the next few days to come up with St. Patrick's day crafts and this year I'd like to actually do them!  I'm also trying to come up with March's outing.  There's a number of things I can think of to do with the Tornado but I'm kind of leaning towards something focused more on just J and me.

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  1. My kids all loved the Lego movie too and definitely like going to the theater, though dang it is expensive to take everyone!