Monday, January 13, 2014

Birchbox Review - January

This month's Birchbox theme is Go Time and is supposed to be products you can incorporate into your life with some inspiration.  I got 4 products plus 1 drugstore find.

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion
This was my drugstore find and came with a $3 off coupon.  The lotion is nice.  Thick enough to feel creamy but still rubs in evenly.  It did a good job on moisturizing my face which is good because it's crazy dry around here.  The label says it has clary sage in it and the scent if a nice herby-y scent without being too medicinal or perfume-y.  The sample size is 1/4 of an ounce in came in a little jar so I'll be able to tell if I like it enough to buy it with the coupon.

Nail Rock in Pink Glitter
To be honest I was surprised to see this in my Birchbox.  It's definitely something I'd expect more from Ipsy.  I was worried applying this would be a giant mess because you dip your painted nails in the glitter but it really wasn't.  There was no glitter on the table I was sitting at and it covered my nails quickly and evenly.  I definitely recommend putting a top coat over it though because I ended up with glitter in my hair, on my face, on my small child, etc.  This is very forgiving and it's very had to see imperfections even when you know they're there. It didn't last super long but it was easy to do and a fun look.  It came off without too much difficulty with regular nail polish remover.  This came in full size.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

This is an okay dry shampoo.  It smells nice and sprays evenly but I don't get the same magic results I get with my beloved amika.  The travel sized can will still be nice for emergencies and travel though.

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Set

I got 4 decent sized colors from this palette.  A light brown, a medium brown, olive and a dark navy.  The colors are well pigmented and blend nicely.  They last about the same amount of time as other high end eye shadows.  This palette is very reasonably priced at $20 and if I was in the market for a palette I would probably buy this over Urban Decay Naked palettes.

Harvey Prince Journey Perfume

I was excited to see a perfume sample in my box even though this isn't a brand I'm familiar with.  The scent is kind of a sweet fruity scent.  The mandarin note is definitely the stronger over the others in this one.  The lasting power wasn't great so I probably won't buy this but I won't mind using this when the weather gets a little warmer.

So of these 5 none really made my day but none were a miss either. I'm considering buying the palette in full size just because the colors are so pretty and I was impressed with the quality of the shadow itself.  I might end up with the moisturizer though I'll make my decision once I've used up the little tub and see how much it is in full size.  Now just waiting on Ipsy to show up!

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