Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Thrifting

I've been doing okay on the thrifting this month.  A group of friends and I have been going every Wednesday and it's been a lot of fun.  We discovered a store that specializes in children's clothes and I've found some great things there.  The Tornado can be hard to find clothes for because most boys clothes seems to be either in bad condition or I just don't like them.  This month we managed to get in addition to this stunning owl figure.

For the Tornado:
3 Pairs of Jeans
1 Ralph Lauren long sleeve polo
1 pair of cargo pants
2 pairs of sweat pants
Children's Place sweater pullover
2 long sleeve shirts
Total: 16.21

For Me
Banana Republic Grey wrap shirt
H&M Pink 3/4 length button down
Merona Denim Shirt dress
Anne Taylor Loft tank
Gap Jean Jacket - white
Dress Barn blazer - gray
Talbots blazer - light blue
Total: 19.39

Emma has always been impossible to find jeans that fit in our budget.  Then with the help of thrift stores I discovered lots of brands apparently make a 00 which fits her pretty well.  For her this month we got:
2 pairs of jeans
striped sweater
Total 6.00

I'm very picky about the condition of clothes I'm willing to buy - especially since I"m visiting the stores a few times a month!  All of the condition is like new.  Grand total spent this month: $41.60.   Now if only the weather will warm up so I can wear something other than huge bulky layers!

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