Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Try-It Tuesday - Oven Cleaning

This week's pin wasn't very exciting but it was definitely needed.  I had originally planned to do this pin but the more I thought about it the more concerned I was that sticking my head in a small area filled with ammonia fumes would aggravate my asthma.  Instead I went with this method from Cha Ching Queen.  

I didn't think to take any pictures at the very beginning but this is what it looked like after a hefty dose of baking soda:

Gross right?  In my defense the oven came with the house and the house is on the old side.  I have no idea how old this oven is but it's definitely not new.  So it's level of grossness is not ALL my fault. After that rationalizing and buck passing here's what I ended up with after spraying and sitting and scrubbing:

Better right?  No one would think it's new but I was surprised at how much stuff came off.  

The side was almost entirely brown.  It was really wasn't difficult.  I got my bucket of water, an episode of Cupcake Wars on my Kindle and went to scrubbing.  The only problem was getting around the door was a little tricky.  I know people say taking the oven door off is no big deal but once again I have no idea how old this oven is and the manual disappeared who knows when.  With my luck I'd get the door off and would never be able to get it back on again.  Things break quickly enough without my having an active hand in their destruction!  I think a few more applications would probably get the rest of the dried on gunk off.  I'm planning on doing it again next weekend to see if I can get it cleaner.  

Source: Cha Ching Queen
Verdict: Keeper!  Especially if you have allergy or breathing issues with chemicals in tight spaces.  

Next week I'm going to visit my Ideas for the Little board and make this Time Out Timer or glitter jar that I've been seeing all over Pinterest for years.  The Tornado is beside himself with excitement about doing a craft.

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