Monday, January 6, 2014

Golden Tote Review

Golden Tote - otherwise known as my new favorite obsession - isn't having a regular sale this month.  Instead they're doing a grab bag which sold out before I even knew it was available.  The next showroom will be available on February 3rd.  Trust me I'm counting down the days.  To console myself a little for missing the grab bag (which looked like a FABULOUS deal) I'm revisiting what I got from my first ever tote in December.  I put together 3 outfits with the 3 items I got.  I did cut my head out of the picture for 2 reasons.  The first is my cheap door mirror either makes my face look really really long or really squashed up.  The top 6 inches is like a carnival fun house mirror.  The second is that I'm having some kind of allergic reaction to something.  I can't even imagine what - it's January and literally 16 degrees outside but my body isn't listening to that logic and my eyes have swollen up like I lost a brawl.

1. Is my very favorite new sweater -
It has owls for elbow patches!  This is the whole reason I got the tote in the first place.  It's super soft.  This is a size Large because that's what was available but I'm glad I got it in this size because I kind of like it as a tunic-y type top.  Those are black jegging/leggings and kind of a wine colored flat.  This is from Morning Apple.

2. My Kate Middleton dress
This is a basic wrap dress.  The little chevron-y things are actually a grey/blue with a black outline. I'm going to have to pick a different time of day if I take more outfit pictures because the light is terrible in this one!  Those are black tights and black boots with the dress.  I'm concerned that the full skirt might make my hips look about a mile wide but I love the swing of it so I'm willing to risk it.  I love the silhohette of this dress, the print and the swing of it.  It's also super soft and is really comfortable.  This is from Hourglass Lilly and is a size Small

3.  Blue Print top
I wouldn't have naturally gravitated toward this print but When I tried it on I really love this top.  It's just the right length and fits without being too snug.  I like the little puff on the sleeves and there's a little button detail on the back.  My only problem is this the most staticy shirt ever.  I'm going to have to figure out how to get rid of it before I wear it out or I could start a fire just by walking on carpet. This is a size Small from Peach Love California

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