Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 29 Cupcakes - Glazed Chocolate Muffins

This was how I felt this weekend as I dumped the majority of the apple pie cupcakes in the trash.   It doesn't bother me when I have to toss a bunch of food if I don't think its very good but these cupcakes were amazing.  It gets frustrating sometimes when I spend a lot of time baking and my family would much prefer a box of store bought cookies.  Normally I just tell myself that I enjoy baking and experimenting so it's their loss if they don't eat it.  This weekend though wasn't one of those times.  My time spent watching British TV reared it's head  and I wandered around talking about bloody families and bloody sweets and how they're bloody not eating any of it.  So I decided I wasn't going to make anything else and it'd show them right.

Well I didn't make cupcakes.  I made chocolate glazed muffins instead.  Probably not the harshest of revenge.

1. Source:  Everyday Reading - one of my favorite blogs!  Books and food in one place.

2. Ease of Recipe (1 being cake mix/canned icing - 5 tons of steps and very time consuming): 2.  Both the muffin and glaze are from scratch but I didn't even have to get out the mixer.

3. Changes Made: In my continuing streak of running out or not being able find essential ingredients I was completely out of milk.  I ended up substituting buttermilk in the muffins instead.

4. Problems:  Not really a problem but I would've liked a little more glaze.  Next time I'll probably double the glaze recipe.  Since I regularly run out of frosting this is definitely a me problem.

5.  Overall Impression:  These are really tasty muffins.  The texture and flavor reminded me of a Texas sheet cake I've made a few times.  The muffin was dense and lightly chocolate-y.  The glaze is rich and smooth.  They do a good job of providing a chocolate fix without being too heavy and rich. The finished product is so pretty with the shiny glaze.  They'd look nice in a brunch spread and they can do double duty as "not cupcake" cupcakes.

6. Quantity:  12

7. Make Again?  Definitely!  I'm curious to see how I like them with regular milk instead of buttermilk.

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