Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for 2014

2013 went really really fast and I'm hoping 2014 is on a slightly slower speed.   In 2014 the Tornado turns 5 and Emma begins her senior year.  These are 2 events that I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for.

Last year I thought about resolutions and even wrote some down but not in a really concrete list.  I improved things that weren't on the list and ignored some stuff that was which upsets my list making little brain.  So here are 12 things I want to focus on for 2014:

1.  An "outing" a month.  Outing has a pretty broad definition.  This month I want to go down to Birmingham to do some shopping and try a few restaurants we've never been too.  But a drive to somewhere we've never been too, a picnic in the park, lunch somewhere we've never been all count as well.  The main thing is we do SOMETHING we've never done once a month.

2.  Continue to work on my vanity.  This is another broad topic but they all work together.  I wanted to lose 20 pounds this past year and I lost 10 but my happiness with my appearance has gone way up.  I want to continue being interested in clothes and putting together outfits.  I want to continue to be interested in makeup.  I want to continue to exercise as regularly as possible.  Most of all I want to lose that last 10 pounds.

3.  Focus on my food.  I love junk food, sweets and really good cheeseburgers.  This isn't great for making #2 on this list happen but it is something I get a lot of enjoyment from.  So I'm hoping to find a little bit of balance in the food area.  I want to take the time to make at least 1 thing for my lunch a week.  I also want to increase my sweets intake to 1 treat a day instead of a grabfast of cupcakes after the Tornado goes to bed.

4.  Plan a celebration once a month.  Every year I think I want to do something special for (insert name of minor holiday here) but I never end up getting it together.  All of a sudden it's March 16th and a special Irish influenced St. Patrick's day dinner just isn't going to happen.  This year it's going to happen - at least once a month.  Time is going so fast, Eleanor already has a new place she calls home most of the year and before long Emma and then Ringo will follow.

5.  Stay more organized.  The big pantry is an exercise in horrors.  The pots and pans cabinet requires shoving and slamming the door really fast.  The food stored in the garage is mostly on J's workbench instead of the shelves earmarked for food storage.  Get better about transferring the ideas I like and want to try from feedly and polyvore onto Pinterest.  There are systems that need to get created and stuck too.

6.  Spend at least 30 minutes once a day playing with the Tornado.  30 minutes doesn't seem like much but it does get hard to find a balance between getting things done and playing with him.  Spending 30 minutes completely focused on playing trains or whatever with him makes me feel better about both sides.

7.  Keep a cleaner house.  I've found good luck keeping a room a day type schedule and with the Tornado going to school 3 times a week starting in January I can add cleaning projects (like dealing with the horrors of the oven) to the list.  I also want to implement an end of the day tidy schedule.

8. Finish up my 52 weeks of cupcakes and then start another challenge (maybe cookies?).  Also, keep going with my Chef of the Month challenge and maybe go to cuisine of the month when I finish with that.

9.  Less pinning more doing.  Do a pin a week and preferably get at least one DIY type pin accomplished a month.

10.  Learn to use the pasta maker that's taking up valuable floor space in the big pantry.

11.  Increase my garden in terms of plant variety and usefulness.  Don't let it slide like last year.

12.   Keep a list of things that I want to buy so that I'm more mindful of my spending and the things that must be bought actually get remembered and bought when we can plan for it  instead of last minute


  1. I haven't written a goal post, but it'll be about hexies and reading and then a really general "be more mindful" type thing. Mindful of my time, my language, my house, etc.

    1. You and those hexies! Do you dream in them now? The finished product is going to be gorgeous! That word mindful again. It keeps popping up in my head too. Time just seems to go so fast. We've got college visits and kindergarten coming up fast and it just doesn't seem like it's time for either!

  2. I can relate to so much of this list! Organization is a big one for me too and how does the house get so messy so quickly! I think picking up daily would really help us too. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I think the organization is the biggest one here I think. I have to have some kind of system or it will be a disaster but if the system is too complicated than I either won't use it or can't remember. It makes me nuts! The thing is it's not like I'm holding on to junk. It's all stuff we use! Makes me crazy! Happy New Year!