Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Try-It Tuesday - Old Fashioned Lavender Milk Bath

So after all the Christmas madness but before the Tornado's birthday madness I took a little side trip to my Stuff for Me board and tried out an Old Fashioned Milk Bath from Camp Wander.  To be honest, the whole milk thing sounded a little repulsive.  I'm a fan of epsom salts and Lavender essential oil is nice stuff but bathing in milk?  Didn't sound relaxing.  To be fair I'm not a big fan of milk and really only come into contact with it in regular form in an occasional bowl of cereal.  But this bath recipe involved stuff I already had on hand, was quick to put together and promised to be relaxing.  Worst case I drained the water off and had to take a quick shower.  So the day after Christmas I mixed up my stuff and went to take a bath.  I am so glad I did.  This bath was amazing.  It was scented, it was moisturizing, it was relaxing.  In short it was everything a bath should be and another positive was that it left no residue in the tub.  I'm seriously thinking of adding this bath combination to some kind of routine.  I used whole milk but I seriously doubt it matters.  Also you could change up the fragrance to anything you had on hand or was cheaply available.

Source: Camp Wander
Verdict: Doing this again as soon as possible.

Next week I think I"m going to go visit my Cookie board and whip up these tasty looking (Fresh) Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Brown Butter Cookies.

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