Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Smiles in the Month of March

This is a linkup with Emmy Mom about 10 things that made me happy this month!

1.  Finally getting a smart phone!  I love love love my iPhone and the camera makes it about 100 times easier to take pictures of things and then be able to see what they are.

2.  Golden Tote arrived!  I got the bigger tote and it's fantastic as you can tell by the review yesterday!

3.  We got a new mattress!  It's heavenly to be sleeping on a flat service though it's a little disorienting to not be able to tell where you are on the bed based on the slant of the mattress.

He discovered garden stores aren't so bad.

It's finally been warm enough to play outside lately!

My daffodils are blooming!

Cadbury eggs!  I hoard these when they go on sale

8.  It's been a great month for subscription boxes!  Ipsy, Birchbox and Golden Tote were great and I also got MyIreland and Target's limited edition Beauty box.

9.  J, the Tornado and I went on a spontaneous day trip and had such a good time.

10. Am completely 100% caught up on laundry!  It's kind of a weird feeling.


  1. Woah 100% caught up on laundry that is awesome and crazy. Yea for a new bed! So nice to be able to get a good night's sleep. Yea for a smart phone! Glad you are loving it. I need to go buy some cadberry eggs. Thank you so much for linking up.

    1. I'm already behind on laundry again but it was blissful while it lasted! I love Cadbury eggs - they're my absolute biggest weakness.

  2. *Bowing* to your laundry feat. That is spectacular! I love those cadbury eggs too. Sooo yummy. And who wouldn't love a new mattress? Heaven.

    1. Thanks! It didn't last very long but it was awfully nice while it lasted!