Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Week in Food

I feel like things were a bit to chaotic to actually do any cooking this week but looking back on it I find that I cooked every night.  Weird how that happens.

I've been using Our Best Bites: Mormon Moms in the Kitchen by Sarah Wells and Kate Jones lately and loving it.  Since I'm a big fan of the blog this wasn't a surprise.  The monkey bread recipe out of the book was insanely good.  It uses honey which I'm pretty sure makes everything better.  We had that for dinner with scrambled eggs and bacon and everyone was happy.  Well except J, he had toast.  We don't think he's human sometimes.

Then Monday came St. Patrick's Day.  I made a cheddar Guinness soup where I discovered that while I like Guinness and I like cheddar I do not  care for the flavor combination.  Then I made Soda bread from My Irish Table.  It was good.  Like I now understand why soda bread is a thing kind of good.  As someone of pretty hefty Irish heritage it was a  little embarrassing that I didn't particularly care for soda bread.  Then I made this from an Irish cookbook from an Irish chef and I feel all better now.  This book is gorgeous and I plan on buying it in hardcover form soon as I just have it in kindle form and I don't like cookbooks on the kindle.

The next night was not a night for inspired cooking but I was rescued by a seasoning blend.  I have a ton of tasty seasoning blends floating around - mostly from Penzeys.  I sliced some chicken up, crusted it with a jerk seasoning blend and we had chicken sandwiches.

For the big finale I invented my own recipe!  I'm not good at this.  I can follow a recipe.  I can tell if a recipe will be good just by reading it but I am missing the brain cells that let me create my own.  Thursday night however I did just that with a little help from Paul and a Martha Stewart pancake recipe. Paul has been working at McDonald's for the last 6 months and has fallen in love with McGriddles with the exception of the weird aftertaste/film that remains after eating one.  But we did it!  And they were good!  Paul and I could have eaten about 10 of them.  Emma has discovered that she doesn't like the bacon/sweet combination which makes us question her humanness.  J wouldn't even try them but we'd kind of already given up on him.

This week won't be quite so interesting as spring break always makes food a low priority!  I'm thinking funfetti cupcakes for the cupcake of the week this week!

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  1. Oh great job! Last week was spring break for us and yea I definitely failed at cooking and though my kids are back in school, not sure I have recovered yet don't have a thing planned for dinner tonight.