Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Things I Want to Do in March

Top ten lists are pretty much my favorite things ever.  So after some inspiration from Emmymom with her 10 Things to Smile About on the last Tuesday of the month and my favorite book meme at The Broke and the Bookish I decided to make top ten lists an every Tuesday thing.  So here goes:

Top Ten Things I Want to Do in March:

1.  Figure out something to do about the walls in the dining room.  I like what's in there but I don't think it's in the right place or maybe it needs other stuff.  Regardless I want to get it figured out.

2.  Get the cabinets Old English'd.  We have an older house with older cabinets that need to be painted.  Until then Old English is a miracle product but only if I actually apply it TO the cabinets. 

3.  Exercise 5x a week.  I'm not talking about hours on end but surely I can find time to manage at least one Blogilates workout a day.

4.  Get back on my weekly cleaning schedule before J loses his mind. I have been letting the cleaning slide and my neat freak husband is about to have a breakdown.  I have a schedule that works for me right now but once again I actually have to do it for it to work.

5.  Do at least 1 St. Patrick's day craft with the Tornado and have a St. Patrick's day dinner

6.  Use the pasta maker.  I've had a pasta maker complete with accessories sitting in my pantry for a few years now but have never used it.  It's time to use it or get rid of it I think.

7.  Plan an outing whether for just J and me, everyone or any combination of the 2.

8.  Learn how to sew on a button.  I bought this coat:
at a thrift store last week and it needs a button replaced on the cuff.  It's time I actually learned how to do that!

9.  Use more of my Ipsy/Birchbox stuff. I have a drawer full of Birchbox and Ipsy stuff that I've put aside to use "later".  That drawer is starting to fill up so I definitely need to make "later" now at least with a few things.

10. Find a pair of white jeans.  I really want a pair of white jeans but the 2 I've managed to find at thrift stores have had fit issues which means it's time to try *gulp* retail stores.

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