Monday, March 10, 2014

February MunchPak Review

This MunchPak subscription is actually Emma's but if I was going to get another subscription box this would be high on my list.  For anywhere from $7.95 to $24.95 MunchPak will send you a box either weekly, bimonthly or monthly.  The box is filled to the brim with an assortment of snacks from all over the world.  This is Emma's 2nd box at the $13.95 level and so far she is loving this subscription.  Last box actually had more items but the items were smaller. This month she got:

Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheeto's

GoGo Squeez Apple Apple Applesauce

Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bar - apparently this was amazing

Nestle Drifter Chocolate Bar - also amazing

Pocky Matcha Green Tea Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks - these were kind of odd.  Green tea flavor is a little strong

Hi-Chew gum in Strawberry - this is good and apparently designed to be swallowed.

Boland's Custard Creams - this is a full size pack and they are possibly the best store bought cookie I've ever eaten.  The cookie is very shortbready and the cream center has a great vanilla flavor without being to sweet.

McVitie's Fruit Shortcake - I don't think she's opened these yet but I definitely want to try them.  This is also a full size pack.

Then there was this:

We don't know what it is.  As Emma said, "It's not like we can google it".  It was kind of jerky like in texture but crisper.  Our first guess was chicken skin but after we each had a (tiny) bite it was revised to maybe some kind of fish skin because there definitely was a slight fishy taste.  We have no idea.  If anyone does know what this is please tell!

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