Monday, March 3, 2014

Ipsy Glambag Review - February

Let me just start off with a rave for Ipsy's customer service.  My bag had an estimated delivery date of 2/18 and since my first bag in September it has always arrived 3 days after my shipping notice.  So I waited and checked the mail and waited some more and got impatient and finally checked the tracking info.  It wasn't good.  DHL and USPS had the bag in different towns and neither had updated for days.  So on the 24th I emailed ipsy expecting to be told to wait a few more days.  Instead I got an email the next day saying "Oh so sorry.  We'll send you a new one." and the next day they did. I'm so impressed!

The bag itself is a plain pink bag with a white zipper with a pink leopard print lining.  Not my favorite but pretty innocuous.  I'll either give it to one of the girls or use it for organizing.

Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini in Fuchsia Freesia
This is a bright pink lip gloss that goes on evenly but fairly sheer but can be layered for brighter color.  It has a smooth not overly sticky texture and didn't cause me the tingling feeling that most plumping lip products cause.  My biggest problem was the scent which is an odd chemically lavender kind of scent.

Zoya Nailpolish in Dot
This is a sheer pale pink nail polish - think Essie's Ballet Slippers.  Unfortunately, I think I'll stick with Essie.  This goes on a little to thick and streaky for me

Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in Ambrosia
I think I was originally supposed to get a purple color but I'm thrilled that I ended up with Ambrosia.  It's a shimmery cool toned medium brown.  It's very blendable and builds easy to get darker color and once it dries it does not move.  I did a swatch on my hand and scrubbing it under water would not make this stuff move.

Freeman Paper Masks in Hydrating, Purifying and Brightening
I got these in my very first Ipsy bag.  They're kind of a hassle to use because you have to hold your head just right or they slide off.  They were fun though and I had good results with them.  Plus the whole paper mask thing freaked Emma out which was seriously entertaining.

So a good bag - I'm liking the gloss and the shadow and the mask will be fun to play with.  Plus, it was good to test out their customer service. Now I can recommend Ipsy with no reservations!

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