Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random Saturday - The Scary Lawn Statue Pictures

Last Saturday J and I went to a garden store because one of our fountains didn't survive the freezing temperatures this winter.  We don't normally go to this store because it's a bit out of the way and normally pretty expensive.  It will probably be awhile before we go back because it's pretty expensive and everything is enormous.  We did, however, find some truly terrifying lawn statue/decorations.

 If you have around $900 to spare this metal family of pigs could be yours.

 This would't be so bad except it's HUGE.  Like 2 feet around.

 This copper steer is also a grill and for $2500 you could have this on your deck!

 I like owls quite a bit but I think this one would give me nightmares.

 The good thing about this little gem is that I can text the picture to the kids when they're not behaving or when I think they need a little shaking up and tell them to behave.


  1. Wow just wow-- I am very glad to see the title of your post and glad it wasn't something like, look at all my new lawn ornaments, I would worry about you. :)

    1. The truly scary thing is that all of these things exist which means somewhere someone has looked at a family of metal pigs and thought I need that in my yard. It's out there somewhere!