Monday, December 16, 2013

Foodie Friday - a few days late

Ok so this is actually Monday but Friday I spent most of my day driving back and forth to Nashville (about 90 minutes each way) and then driving back and forth picking kids up from school and taking them to various work locations.  Oh and then I had to go to Target because that's what we're doing right now.  Going to Target, a lot.  At some point I figure I won't have to go to Target anymore because I will have bought 1 of everything they have.

This past week I did some cooking though not a huge amount.  Wednesday night it ended up just being the Tornado and me.  Since he's actually happier with a Nutella sandwich I decided to give cooking a full meal a miss.  Then on Thursday Ringo and Emma and their band concert so that took up most of the evening.  I did do some cooking last night but the majority of that were recipes I've already reviewed.

From Christy Jordan's Come Home to Supper
Grilled Chicken Tenders without a Grill - These are marinated chicken tenders that are then cooked on a saute pan over pretty high heat.  They were delicious.  This entire cookbook is proving to be pretty good for cooking family appropriate weekday meals.  Everything I've made out of this book has been fast and simple with a limited number of ingredients. Even better is that it's all turned out good!

From Christy Jordan's original cookbook Southern Plate:
Chicken Poulet - I love this meal despite the store bought stuffing and cream of chicken soup.  It's filling, it's tasty and it reheats beautifully.  I made it last weekend and ended up eating it for lunch most of the past week.

Sweet and Sour Green Beans - I didn't love this.  There was a little too much sweet and not quite enough sour.  I was running late and didn't get the bacon as crispy as it should've been so that didn't help.  However, they're simpler and healthier ways to cook green beans that I'll probably stick with.

Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays is quickly becoming my favorite of her books.  My only negative is she doesn't have a St. Patrick's day chapter.  From the Cinco de Mayo chapter I made her fajita marinade and used it on chicken.  It was sooo good!  I chickened out from trying her tortilla recipe and used my tried and true tortilla recipe.  The result was some pretty amazing fajitas.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks gave me the fabulous flat apple pie - otherwise known as a crostata. The only problem was that I left it until kind of the last minute and didn't have time to make and freeze the pie crust from this book.  Luckily her other book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier came to the rescue with the incrediably butter-y Pam's Pie Crust.

I don't think I made any Pinterest recipes this week other than Christmas presents.  Hopefully this week will be a little less hectic but I wouldn't bet on it until after Christmas.

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