Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Try-It Tuesday - Handmade Glitter Ornaments

This past week the Tornado and I made these Handmade Glitter Ornament.  I've seen them all over Pinterest for the past few years but never got around to doing them.  We made 2 - one with dark green glitter that was long and skinny and the other with white fine glitter.  The dark color definitely worked better.  The white coated the inside of the ornament but it was still translucent so you could see the inside of the ornament.  After that we did his hand print on them in different colored paint.  I have a whole new appreciation for the craft that his preschool teacher sent home a few weeks ago with a perfect hand print on it.  Even though he was being very good and paying attention the hand print was a bit on the fuzzy side.  These were really fun, easy and cost almost nothing to make.  The Tornado was able to help and had a really great time with them.  They're definitely going on a repeat list.

This coming week I'm staying on my Christmas board and the Tornado and I will be making these cinnamon ornaments from Martha Stewart.  She makes pretty birds out of them.  Mine will probably be much simpler but hopefully they'll still smell as nice and be fun to make.

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