Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Try-It Tuesday - Advent Calendar

I've been trying to make sure that at least some of the things I've wanted to do actually get done.  This past week I decided to actually make the advent calendar I've been wanting to make the Tornado since at least last Christmas.  I really liked this one and wanted to make something like it however, I ran into a few problems.  The first is that my crafting abilities are about on the same level of a 2nd grader.  The second is that I waited until around 9PM on November 30th.  The third is that I just assumed I had enough supplies to make a decent looking one.  Unfortunately, when I discovered the third problem I was hindered by the second problem so I ended up hodge podging something together that doesn't quite look like what I had in mind but it is at least functional.  Next year I need to start on this at least by mid-November and see if I can hunt up some envelope pocket type things.
Source: Inspired by Things I made though it doesn't look like the blog is still going
Verdict: Still love the one she made but I just need to get started earlier next year so definitely keep.

For next week I'm still hanging out on my Christmas board.  The Tornado and I are going to give these glitter ornaments a try.

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