Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Try-It Tuesday: Christmas Tree Cupcakes

When the Tornado picked out this pin of cupcakes decorated like a Christmas tree I didn't have high hopes. I can bake tasty cupcakes but ones that are supposed to look like something else?  Not so much.  There wasn't much of a tutorial on this site but the picture is pretty self-explanatory so I crossed my fingers and went to work.
There are a couple of changes I would make - I would only use 1 cupcake as a trunk instead of 2 and I would use candy to make a star instead of yellow sugar.  That being said this was a lot of fun.  I got the tree put together and the Tornado was able to decorate it to his heart's desire.  This is a really good simple project to do with a small child and the end result is tasty cupcakes!

Source: Hello, Cupcake! Blog
Verdict: Definitely a keeper.  We will definitely be doing this next year though I may tweak it just a little.

For next week I'm going to be taking it easy and visiting my Stuff For Me board.  I'm thinking an Old Fashioned Lavender Milk Bath with Epsom Salt from Camp Wander will be just the thing after all the Christmas craziness.

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