Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Try-It Tuesday: Cinnamon Ornaments

This past week the Tornado and I gave this recipe for cinnamon ornaments from Martha Stewart a try.  The results were somewhat mixed.  The dough didn't come together very well and I had to add a little extra applesauce to keep it from hardening immediately.  During baking they cracked a lot and will have to be decorated to look even mildly presentable even for a 3 year old's handiwork.

I really didn't like the smell the first day we made these.  The odor of glue was definitely present and the cinnamon came through to harshly but after a few days the scent did mellow into the pleasant cinnamon-y goodness that make me want to eat lots of muffins and coffee cakes.

Source: Martha Stewart
Verdict: Okay but I will probably keep looking

Next week I'm going to do a pin that the Tornado picked out on his own.  This cupcake Christmas tree from Hello, Cupcake! looks basic enough so hopefully I'll be able to do it justice.

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