Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back on 2013

2013 was a year of good changes for us.

Eleanor graduated from high school and started college.  Emma turned 16 and got a job and is starting the fun process of looking for college funding.  Between her test scores and grades she's got a partial scholarship to just about anywhere she wants to go but the more money the better!  Ringo also turned 16 and just started working.  He's a grade younger so we'll start the college madness next year.  No license for either of them yet but hopefully Emma will get hers in the next couple of months.  The Tornado also started school and loved it so much that we're upping it to 3 days a week in January.

Looking over my list from last year I didn't get everything I wanted to get done.  The home improvement isn't as far along as I would like.  I didn't take the Tornado to a couple of the places I wanted to go to.  I didn't learn everything I wanted to learn.  But in a few years 2014 will start and I'll worry about that then.  As for this year looking back on it it's been pretty great.

I may not have gotten everything I wanted to get done this year but I feel happier and more focused than I have in a long time.
The Tornado and I went strawberry picking and to the Botanical Gardens.  I spent more time focusing on just actually playing and doing project with him.
As for me I rediscovered my vanity but in a good way.  I only lost half the weight I wanted to lose this year but I'm maintaining at a lower weight than I have since I got pregnant.  I recognize my face in the mirror again which is lovely.  I still want to lose that last 10 pounds but I think I have a better idea as to how to do this than I have in years.
I discovered thrift stores and started having fun with clothes again.  I discovered subscription boxes and started having fun with makeup again.
Foodwise I started my 52 Weeks of Cupcakes again and have started experimenting with different Chefs' recipes with my Chef of the Month challenge.
Starting this blog gave me some accountability in those 2 challenges and in experimenting with 1 Pinterest pin a week.  While I love pinning, doing is even more fun.

So on Wednesday I'll have a list of what I want to do and learn during 2014 and at the end of 2014 I'll have the answers to that list in a much more organized fashion.  For now all I can say is that I'm leaving 2013 better than I was when I started the year and that in itself is a victory.

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