Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

This my most favorite photo op every year.  The very first sight of the Christmas loot!  This was last year and I can't wait until next year because his reactions have gotten so much more enthusiastic.

I got my package sent notices from both Ipsy and Birchbox yesterday.  I should have my Ipsy bag by the end of the week and Birchbox by sometime next week.  Can't wait!

I found another coat at a thrift store yesterday.  It's bright blue with big buttons and I love it!  I may need to stop buying coats off.  I dropped off 5 at the Dry Cleaner's yesterday and I still need to make another trip.  The thing is I live in Alabama so while it gets cold its not quite 5 coats worth of cold.

The Tornado has stayed up a little too late for 2 night running and he's driving me crazy.  He definitely needs to stay on schedule.  I may send him to bed half and hour early tonight for both of our sanities.

I have the majority of my Christmas shopping done.  The bulk of it was done this morning in my PJs.  How did things get done before Amazon?

I also have to start making the Christmas gifts I intend to make this year.  I figured I'd skip the baked goods because there's so much of that this year and go with some of the more fun stuff I've found on Pinterest lately.

I was copying Kate Middleton as much as I could today which required my brown heeled boots.  They look great and I think I paid maybe $8 at a thrift store but oh do my feet suffer for them.  My right ankle is not going to be speaking to me tomorrow.

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